So I was talking with my Grandma J. the other day and she was asking if I ever keep anything I dye for myself. Yeah, every once in a while. How do I decide? Sometimes if I just really like something I've done, I'll keep a skein. Other times, this happens. 

 This is what happens at midnight the night before we have a trip. I still haven't packed because I'm cleaning the house ordyeing a last minute skein. I still need to get the dogs ready. I need to get up early. There is one skein left to wind and for some reason, it doesn't wind correctly. 

That's fine, I'll just rewind it. 


It decides to become a giant tangled mess. This is actually a picture before it got too bad. This is the mighty skein I fought, tooth and nail, for another hour!

Being after midnight, and desperately wanting to get to sleep, I made sure it got done. This poor skein has probably thirteen knots where I rage snapped it and put it back together. Alex wisely stepped out of the room after the third snap. 

And that's the other way I keep skeins for myself. Once they get tie-togethers, those babies are mine! So this little skein is going to be part of the knit along project along with Stargazer!