As supporitive as Alex is, I don't think he quite expected the amount of yarn I'd be dyeing for KATE this next weekend. 

It's more than a little overwhelming when an entire room is filled with yarn .

Most days after work, all I do is come home and get straight to work on dyeing more fibers, making more markers while he has a movie playing, cutting out more fiber tags, getting the bags, the set up ready. 

He doesn't know what hit him.

But ready we shall be when the 21st comes to head down to Monticello! (Thank goodness it's only a few hours drive from home. I'd love to travel the US doing shows, but we're not quite to that point yet.)

In the meantime though, this sale is why you guys haven't heard much from me. I've held off on doing the monthly colorways in an effort to produce more for the sale.

And let's face it, you guys don't want a monthly newsletter with me just saying "Yup, dyeing more for Knitting at the Estate," every month, right? How boring is that?

Let me assure you though, Doder Fibers is still very much up and running and we will be posting several new colorways once the sale is over and the madness ends. (Until the next sale, that is.)

That is all for today, I must get back to the dye pots!